5 Favorite Cookbooks

I love a good cookbook, but admittedly haven’t bought a new one in a while.  I’m always looking for fresh ideas, which may come from food magazines, online sites, and blogs, or the handful of cookbooks I go back to again and again. I’ve rounded up my five favorites here. Whenever I open one of these up, I alway find plenty of inspiration, a new recipe to try, a clever idea. They never get old. I’d love to hear what cookbooks you use on repeat in your kitchen too!

Ruhlman’s Twenty: Culinary expert Michael Ruhlman distills decades of experience into 20 essential techniques. He explains the hows and whys of each concept and reinforces those 20 concepts with 100 recipes, for everything from soups to desserts.

Good for You: This Williams-Sonoma title proves that healthy cooking can be simple and delicious. It’s filled with 80+ recipes for every day, all based on wholesome foods–vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans.

The Yellow Table: I followed Anna’s blog, The Yellow Table, as she documented her cookbook journey, and the final product is one I keep within arm’s reach. We’ve made many of the simple suppers and seasonal recipes from this approachable book.

Seasons: Part cookbook, part coffee table book, Seasons is just as fun to cook from and it is to flip through. The book is organized by season, featuring recipes to make with the ingredients you’ll find at each time of the year.

It’s All Good: I love the restorative, go-to dishes in Gwyneth’s second cookbook because they’re healthy and delicious, just the way we like to cook. Many of the recipes we’ve bookmarked and make again and again. Whether you’re a Gwyneth fan or not, the recipes are legitimately great.

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  • Heath

    I’m obsessed with cookbooks too – I love getting a new one and reading through it like a book! I love Anna’s cookbook and It’s All Good. Ina is my go to but I need to add in more healthy options post baby. I’d look into Ruhlman’s!
    ~Mary Keller

  • PerpetuallyChic

    I love Ina! Check out Good for You too – it’s packed with lots of easy (and tasty) healthy dishes, some with meat/fish and some veggie.