Favorite Finds: Striped Tees

From time to time, I come across something new to love and too good not to immediately share. Little tidbits I may be adding to my wardrobe, my kitchen, my travel arsenal or my home. These striped tees from Aritzia are the first of many favorite finds to come…these just arrived at my doorstep this week and are destined for constant wear this summer. Just add bottoms. Find them here and here.

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  • Jessica

    Lauren, I’d love to know more about the fit–are they a bit looser or more form fitting? I’m wondering if it’s better to go up a size or two if you do want a looser fit? Also, I’m enjoying your return to blogging!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Hi Jessica, glad to be back! 😉 Great question–I ordered my regular size (XS) in both. I found the tee true to size and a very comfortable fit. It’s not tight fitting or clingy at all. I found the tank a bit long, and I actually wanted it to be more fitted, which it wasn’t at all, so returned for a size down. I would probably stick to your regular size on both, but especially that one!

  • Jessica

    Thanks Lauren!