Girls’ Brunch

Last Saturday I invited a few girlfriends over for a patio brunch to celebrate the arrival of summer. The get-together was just what I needed–a collaboration of good (and gorgeous) food and time spent simply relaxing in the June sunshine. Our backyard was peacefully quiet, and without the hum of lawnmowers, the only background noise was from the birds happily chirping. Scroll through the photos above for all the lovely details…

On the menu: a make-your-own mimosa bar, quiche two ways, peach and tomato gazpacho, steamed vegetable salad with citrus and herb dressing, and chocolate pudding tarts topped with raspberries and white chocolate. These girls can cook! It was a delicious spread, brimming with the flavors of fresh fruits, herbs and veggies.

I was SO pleased with how well our individual contributions came together–and even more pleased with the light and fun mood of sharing a meal outdoors with sweet friends on a summer day. I’m hoping to get another ladies brunch on the calendar soon!

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