Kitchen Shelf

After sharing my inspiration with you last week, I knew I had to share where I landed on the styling of my new Pottery Barn Stainless-Steel Shelf. I actually spent very little time on it, because I knew what I want (for now): a simple, uncluttered mix of that’s equal parts practical and looks good. A selection of my favorite cookbooks was a no-brainer, as was a black-and-white photograph we recently bought from a local artist at Madison’s annual art fair (I knew instantly that it would be dynamic here). Other than that, I added a little greenery and a blue vintage soda bottle my mom brought me from Buenos Aires for a pop of color. Flip through for the photos–I’m sure this will change eventually, but it’s working for now!

On a side note, my most-used cookbooks at the moment are Gwyneth’s “My Father’s Daughter” and Martha’s “Great Food Fast” — right there for easy removal. “Gourmet Cooking for Two” is a special one–it was published in the ’70s and is no longer in print. My mom found a used copy on Amazon and gifted it to me as my first cookbook. It’s one of the cookbooks she loved using when it was just her and my dad, back before kids came along!

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  • Augusta

    Do you by chance know who the artist is that did the print? I’m in love with it! Thanks! – Augusta

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Hi there, the artist is Cameron Gillie, a wildlife and nature photographer based here in Madison. We picked up this framed/matted print from him at an art show last year! Here’s his website: