Open-Faced Miche with Bacon Jam

The secret ingredient to the best egg sandwich ever? BACON JAM. Oh yes I did. Or should I say, he did. A few weeks ago John and I ate lunch at Madison Sourdough, one of our favorite, low-key places to grab a bite and fresh loaf of bread on the weekend. We both had rather amazing sandwiches that day, but we were honestly most mesmerized by the deliciousness of the bacon jam on his. John whipped together his own version of bacon jam the next day, and I recreated his sandwich to share over on Made By Girl. I’m not kidding when I say that bacon jam is out of this world good…on toast alone, layered under a fried egg with a little Gruyère and kale, or even straight out of the jar. It’s easier to make than you might think, too. Now I’m thinking of whipping up more this weekend to jar up for a few friends as a little happy spring gift.

Open-Faced Miche with Egg, Kale, Gruyere & Bacon Jam

Bacon jam
1 slice of miche (large round loaf of French sourdough bread), toasted
2 slices of gruyere
1 kale leaf, torn and sauteed until crispy
1 fried egg

Spread bacon jam on toast. Top with gruyere slices, kale and fried egg. Close your eyes and take a big, delicious bite!

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