Bedroom Style

It might surprise some people that I don’t make my bed. There was a time where I thought that maybe having a habitually messy bed was something I should work to change. But honestly, habits are habits. And if I didn’t pick up the routine—despite all those years growing up where making my bed was an expectation—I’m certainly resistant to pick it up now. So unless we have friends coming over, because tidying up when guests are visiting is always appropriate, this is how our bedroom looks each morning when we leave—and each night when we return.

I have to admit I’ve long quit stressing about this fact. And really, when I stop to look around, there’s something I actually love about it…the natural light pouring through the windows in the morning, the serenity that our dark gray walls impart any time of day, and below, the twisted sheets a sign of a good night’s sleep. It just feels very comfortable.

The imperfection of my unmade bed seems to speak for itself: There are some things just not worth worrying about today, some things that just won’t be perfect. And that’s okay. That’s my take, anyway. Maybe your made-up bed speaks something else: I’ve got it together, I’m tackling my day from the moment I roll out of bed. Neither way is right or wrong. But maybe it does say a little something about our personalities, without us even realizing it. So which is your style—the unmade or made bed?

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  • Zoe Rose

    Totally the unmade bed. Thank you for writing that, now I feel much better about not making my bed!

  • Becca

    Nice room, post more interior idesign though and rooms! 🙂