Indoor Succulent “Garden”

I kill indoor plants. But, I’m happy to report these succulents and cacti are still alive and well! I love the bit of constant greenery they provide inside my home, not to mention they require almost zero attention (a definite plus if you happen to have a black thumb). Do you keep plants or succulents in your home? Here are a few super simple tips for creating your own succulent “garden”…

  1. Select a variety of succulents in different heights and shapes for some interest.
  2. Choose several small vessels or just one larger one to cluster the plants together. Mine are actually glass votive holders from Pottery Barn, but I also love these neon mini planters I found on Etsy.
  3. Fill the bottom of each cup or pot with soil, then press the plants in and pat additional soil on top.
  4. Water the succulents sparingly, being careful not to over water them. Be sure to allow the soil to dry completely between waterings.
  5. Place the succulents in a well-lighted area so they can soak up as much natural light as possible.

Succulents planted in tiny vessels also make great gifts for friends and family!

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  • jenna.

    the two plants on the left and right are not receiving enough light.. that’s why they are stretching out, trying to reach for more, becoming etiolated.