The Best At-Home Facial

You know that elusive glow you have in the days after a visit to the spa for a facial treatment? It’s magical, and my face feels perfect for days…eventually though, my skin always seems to revert back to its pre-facial condition, and I’m left coveting that effortless glow once more. Despite great skincare habits and moisturizing, my face never quite feels spa-worthy until I go back. That is, until now!

I’ve long loved Fresh’s products, but had completely forgotten that my very first experience with the brand—back in 2001 at their Soho store—involved a free mini facial before a personalized makeup application. Other than their Sugar Face Polish, which I had remembered they used and have bought in the past, the rest of the treatment escaped my memory. But a light bulb clicked in my head the second I saw the Fresh Mini Mask Trio at Sephora—this was it, the perfect 1-2-3! Enriched with sugar, rose and antioxidant-packed black tea, the trio includes the Sugar Face Polish, Rose Face Mask and Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. You start by exfoliating, then hydrate and tone, and finish with age-delaying and softening.

The result? Your face is glowing, as if you just left the spa. I’ve been using the trio once a week for the past two weeks, taking the time to enjoy the process and decompress while applying each step. It may not be exactly like that full hour of pampering at your favorite spa, but for an at-home fix it can’t be beat.

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