A Day at Lollapalooza

Outfit details: H&M dress and necklace (in store) | Ray-Ban sunglasses | vintage belt and cuff

We spent Saturday in Chicago taking in the scene and a few of our favorite bands at Lollapalooza. It was unlike anything I’ve seen. The immense amount of people—roughly 100,000 per day—at this music festival is pretty overwhelming…until you grab a beer, find your spot on the grass (or right up in the crowd) and just take it all in. I originally intended to just do an outfit post (thanks for all your votes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help me pick between this outfit and this one!), with a few pics of Lolla mixed in, but I took more photos than I expected around the park so you’re getting a little photo diary instead. Keep on reading for the photos from our day, plus a special playlist I created for you!

The highlight of the day was definitely The Lumineers coming out into the crowd, just a few people away from us, to perform. It was the golden hour of the day, and I got some amazing shots from atop John’s shoulders. Being right in the heart of such an awesome live performance counts as one of my favorite life experiences. I loved, loved hearing Ben Howard (huge fan here) play. We also caught the Local Natives, The National, St. Lucia and Eric Church before ending the day with The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.

The crowd for Mumford & Sons immediately after The Lumineers was insane—way different than the first time we saw them at a small venue in Milwaukee, but there was something so incredibly energizing about joining more than 60,000 people to listen to everyone’s favorite band. We were about 1/3 the way back in the photo above.

Be sure to listen and subscribe to my Lolla 2013 playlist on Spotify for my most favorite songs from the bands who played at Lollapalooza!

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