Ice Cream Social

Outfit details: Urban Outfitters shirt and shorts | Zara flats (similar) | Crate & Barrel bowls (similar)

How about a little ice cream social at home to celebrate the last few weeks of summer? Over on Channeling Contessa this week, I shared a retro-meets-today look in strawberry and mint colors, complete with high-waisted shorts! I wanted to channel an ice cream shop, ’50s vibe but translate it into a wearable outfit for today. Slightly retro, almost pin-up girl…

Plus, I revealed a super simple trick for upgrading your store-bought gelato. My little secret, time-saving trick: Pick up a couple pints of your favorite flavors of gelato and crush a few different toppings into very fine crumbles. Scoop each flavor of gelato into balls, and return to the freezer on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Let the gelato scoops refreeze, then roll each ball into the crushed topping, and refreeze them all once again. These “gourmet” ice cream sundaes are super fun–and easy–for impromptu summer parties. And you can be creative with your pairings…I matched mango gelato with unsweetened coconut flakes, chocolate gelato with crushed peanuts, and sea salt caramel gelato with chopped chocolate.

Enjoy these last, sweet weeks of summer!

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