The Organized Traveler

Meet my new travel savior—Truffle pouches! You probably spied the little one in yesterday’s travel beauty post? Truffle’s collection of see-through pouches come in a variety of colors for effortless organization on the go. They come in five sizes, helping you keep just about anything tidy in your purse, beach bag, or carry-on. That’s right—say so long to digging in the bottom of your tote for lip balm or sporting a Ziploc bag for the plane. Keep reading to see how I used my two pouches for our recent trip, and I think you’ll see why these are life changing for travel!

Classic Clarity

I found this size to be perfect for corralling passports, maps, thin phrase and guide books, a highlighter, receipts, business cards, and other odds and ends we picked up along the way. Can you imagine the chaos that would be in the bottom of my bag if all this was let loose? I can, and it’s not a pretty sight!

Petite Clarity

This is what won me over when I first heard about Truffle—a TSA-approved pouch for carrying travel-sized products in style. I promptly tossed my plastic baggie and was happy to find this held everything I needed. The best part is the horizontal format ensures a flat profile, so it can slip in the front pocket of your suitcase for easy removal during security check.

Needless to say, I’m a bit Truffle obsessed. I’m already thinking of reasons why I might need to collect a few more pouches to drop into other bags.

This post is not sponsored, Truffle is just a brand I love and think you will, too!

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