Entertaining Essentials

New year, new get-togethers to plan! For the record, I vow to entertain more this year. Somehow I let my hostessing slip in 2013…never had that big summer bash, nor the weekend girls’ brunch, not even our annual holiday party. Instead of getting bogged down with the prospect of coordinating schedules and planning a few large gatherings, I’m committing myself to more frequent, small-group entertaining. Even more informal dinners with our go-to group of friends, more girls-only fun, more super casual one-on-ones. Who says entertaining is about tabletop decor, menus, and weeks-in-advance planning anyway? How about a nice bottle of wine and a simple but thoughtful cheeseboard? Or a big pot of tortilla soup and the guys’ sports game? That’s not to say that even the simplest hosting can’t use a dose of (effortless) style. A few chic essentials I’ve collected over time to easily spice up entertaining duty…

Salad Servers
All have been gifts, which is perfect for someone who loves salads as much as me! These add a special touch to a glass or white salad bowl, whatever you have on hand.
Some of my favorites, you can’t go wrong with everyday classics in wood, porcelain, and glass.
Linen Napkins
The most fundamental way to step up your meal-time style. Whether you prefer solid standbys or a dose of pattern, having a few options to switch things up is good.
Votive Holders
My favorite way to add ambiance. Buy unscented votive candles in bulk, drop them into pretty holders, and light them up just as guests arrive.

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  • Adriana

    Where are those votives from? They are beautiful!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    They are Target!