Wrapped Up

Anthropologie cardigan | J. Crew belt | H&M gray jeans | Guess heels | Helmut Lang tee | AG red jeans | Joie boots

One oversized sweater, two ways. Wear it to work, all wrapped up and belted for a more structured look. Wear it on the weekend, loose and open for casual comfort. Either way, the super-soft fleece is as cozy as can be, and I can’t get enough. What more could you ask for in an everyday staple than to be able to throw it on with just about anything? I’ve also decided that a pop of red is the easiest way to freshen up winter’s black, gray and white neutrals. A red pair of heels, a red pair of pants, a red lip–a little dose goes a long way in adding some fun to even the bleakest days!

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  • Meg

    This looks great and I really like the pop of color. I have a similar sweater from a few years back from DKNY. I love the many options of how to wear the sweater but haven’t yet considered a belt … really like that look! Can you take a picture from behind or just explain how it looks? Did you just tuck in the extra sweater somehow? Thanks!

  • Love how you styled your wrap sweater! I have one from DKNY from a few years ago as well, and I love it, but it has too much wrap material to make most of the wrapped styles work unfortunately. I will have to experiment some more!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Thanks, Dana! Play with it a little…this one has quite a bit of material too, so I just wrapped all the way around both of my sides!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Glad to give you a new idea! I wrapped the material on my right side across my body, underneath the opposite side of the sweater, as far as it would go. Then I pulled the left side over top and across me the other way. The belt holds it all together, so everything stays in place!