5 Favorite Coffee Table Books

What you keep on your coffee table says so much about your personality. Maybe it’s just a stack of the latest magazines and the TV remote controls. Maybe it’s a carefully curated tray with candles and special knick knacks. Or maybe like me, you have a thing for coffee table books–and fresh flowers. It’s taken me quite a few years, but I’ve collected a varied mix of fashion, lifestyle, travel and design books that reflect my personal taste and style. I love displaying them on my coffee table to flip through periodically–or to provide entertainment for my guests–and today I thought I’d share my six favorite books. Flip through the slideshow to see a glimpse inside each one, and comment below if you have any other favorites in your collection!

American Beauty
A collection of portraits of quintessentially American women, from Jenna Lyons to Amanda Hearst. Women who are out creating and contributing to the world and whose beauty feels both glamorous and completely approachable at once.

Gypset Travel
An exploration of lesser-known destinations around the world frequented by bohemian jet setters. Full of wanderlust-inducing photos and unique and inspiring places to travel.

Tim Walker Pictures
A whimsical book that brings you behind the scenes of the wild sets and glamorous spreads of Vogue captured by fashion photographer Tim Walker. Sketches and notes meet playful, fantastical images that intrigue, surprise and make you laugh.

Diego Uchitel: Polaroids
A must-have book for anyone who loves photography. Polaroids of models, fashion designers, and celebrities that have all the romantic and nostalgic feel of film.

The Glow: An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood
A glimpse into the world of fashionable mothers from one of my all-time favorite sites, The Glow. Tastemakers and their children are captured in gorgeous, light-drenched photos as they share real tidbits of motherhood, personal advice, and unique insights from their experiences. Perfect for the mom-to-be who appreciates style and wants to bring her children into that world.

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