Perfect Hair Day

The secret to that ever-elusive perfect hair day? A few “PHD” products, a curling wand, and one wash per week. That’s become my simple formula for banishing bad hair days and instead enjoying low-maintenance, effortless hair –all week. It’s amazing what a few just-right products and tools can do to create hair that lasts for days in less than 20 minutes. Especially as I near motherhood and juggle more things than ever, reducing my beauty routine into manageable, time-saving steps has been an absolute necessity. I’ve mentioned before that Living Proof’s sulfate-free products are my secret weapon, but I’ve more recently switched to some newer products in their line, so I knew it was time to give you an update. Here’s a quick rundown to how I easily create loose, polished waves and tame my natural curls. Both looks start with the Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner.

Loose & Polished Waves

  1. Apply Prime to just-washed hair from roots to ends. Prime makes my style go the distance.
  2. Apply Perfect Hair Day (a 5-in-1 styling treatment) from roots to ends. Volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish—all in one easy step.
  3. Blow dry, flipping hair over to create extra body and volume.
  4. Using a styling wand, quickly create loose waves. I like to work in 1-inch pieces, which I curl around the wand with one hand while holding the wand upside down with the other. Make sure to leave the last inch of your hair out. I hold and quickly count to 30, then move on to the next piece. Nothing too precise. I also curl away from my face on the left side until I get to the back of my head, then repeat that process on the right side, curling away until I get to the back again.
  5. Mist curls with Flex then break up the waves using your fingers.

During the week, I apply a tiny bit of Satin Hair Serum on my ends to keep them looking smooth and shiny.

Natural & Beachy Waves

  1. Apply Prime to just-washed hair from roots to ends.
  2. Apply Perfect Hair Day from roots to ends.
  3. Rub a bit of Satin Hair Serum in between your hands, then apply to ends to help smooth out frizz.
  4. Let hair air dry.

During the week, I rub a tiny bit of Amp in my hands and apply from midshaft to ends and tousle—to give my hair a little volume if it’s getting flat.

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  • Rose

    I’m in desperate need of a perfect hair day—hopefully after my hair cut this week I can aim for some beachy waves 🙂

    Blonde in this City

  • Adriana

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it greatly. I have a constant battle with hair and trying to stay sulfate and paraben free and as natural as possible. As a working mom of a three year old I can tell you that you will have even less time for anything other than wash and gloss, maybe a blow drier if you are lucky. I am wondering how this shampoo and conditioner leave your hair looking after just wash and go, no blow drying, no styling, and how long it lasts? Thanks for nay advice!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Sorry, just seeing this… So glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog & good to know that my once-a-week hair styling should come in handy when baby arrives! The shampoo & conditioner work great without blow drying/styling. My hair tends to be frizzy, so I use the second set of steps I outlined – Natural & Beachy Waves – just a bit of product after the shower, air dry, and go. I find my hair still lasts a week this way.

  • Erin

    Any tips for keeping greasy roots at bay throughout the week? I’m trying to revamp my haircare routine, as lately my old standbys are just not cutting it. I’m in a humid climate and work out often, so I’m not sure if I can battle the grease…perhaps I should embrace the “slicked back” look? 🙂

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Dry shampoo is a miracle worker if you get greasy roots! Try the one by Klorane.