The Perfect Dress

The Dress: Equipment dress

It’s been four months since I’ve shared a wardrobe essential, but for good reason. Pregnancy doesn’t present the ideal time to invest in wardrobe staples. I’ve mostly been leaning on affordable dresses from H&M to date and lots of leggings, but really got the bug to kick up my pregnancy style a notch in the last week or so. And gosh, I’m glad I did because this one is so good.

Over time, I’ve developed more of an instinct for perfect wardrobe pieces. To the point that more often than not, as of late anyway, I can spot one immediately. Part of it is figuring out your personal style and sticking with it, part of it is figuring out your body, and part of it is being willing to invest when you know you will wear the heck out of something. Or stalk pieces on your wishlist until they go on sale. And so my love affair with this dress started when I spotted it and ordered it with little hesitation. It just arrived last week, and I’m already on my second wearing of it today at work. I’ve already thought of a million ways to pair it with this shoe or that one and how to pair it for work, for night, for weekend. This dress is a closet workhorse if I’ve ever seen one, in simple yet luxurious washed silk. And it’s the kind of dress you know you’re going to feel great in no matter the day–call it your back-up-plan if you will. Best part? It fits me now while 30 weeks pregnant (so comfortable!) and will fit me even better post pregnancy. Perhaps I’m being naive to think I can still wear my favorite material–silk–as a new mother, but I like to think that the effortlessness of pieces like this are exactly what I’ll need more than ever.

WEEKEND: Equipment dress | K. Jacques sandals | A.P.C. bucket bag

WORK: Equipment dress | Joe’s Jeans heels | J. Crew denim jacket | A.P.C. bucket bag

NIGHT: Equipment dress | Aquazzura sandals | Accessory Concierge earrings (c/0) | vintage clutch

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  • Sarah

    Lookin’ good!

  • THAT DRESS! And you wear it so, so well!!

  • gilanin

    This piece would look so great cinched at the waist with a nice looking belt.

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Indeed! I was very pregnant last summer and loved the belt-free look, but can’t wait to wear it with a belt this year 😉