The Perfect Bucket Bag

I hate it when this scenario happens: I find the perfect _______, get it and fall in love, then decide to tell you about it only to find it has since sold out! Such is the sad case with this A.P.C. bucket bag, a bag I had been eyeing for a good year when I finally caved a month ago and purchased it. It was a treat to myself with some special savings I’d been putting aside. I purchased the bag with the mindset that come October when baby arrives, I’ll be grateful for having invested in a few luxuriously simple wardrobe staples that I’ll reach for constantly when my day-to-day world (and frankly, my spending) revolves more around my little one than on what I’m going to wear each day.

The good news is that the bucket bag—with its timeless silhouette and chic-yet-minimalist vibe—continues to be a popular style this fall. There are a bevy of other options popping up in great neutral colors, adding to their seasonless quality. And I’d imagine A.P.C. will continue to release more runs of this same bag in different colors—you can currently find a gorgeous teal version of it here.

The icing on the cake, which I’ve realized in just one month of use? There’s something about a bag like this that instantly elevates even your most basic jeans and tank when you’re running out the door to meet a friend for brunch. That directly appeals to my put-together-but-laid-back style, and for that reason alone, I’m in love.

Some other favorites if you’re looking around for a bucket bag of your own: this one from Madewell, this one from Mansur Gavriel, and this one from Fait La Force.

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