Packing for Maine

Rounding up our late-summer trip to Maine (hotel, photos, guide) with a little peek at what I took with me…Maine lends itself well to classic, casual East Coast prep. I packed a lot of stripes, plus some staples–a pair of jeans and white shorts, white sneakers, a denim jacket. I also took a few things for comfort x fun, since it was still warm, like this yellow floral button down and sage linen romper. I wore my Panama hat a lot, and interchanged between the sneakers and espadrille flats. I threw in a striped dress and white sandals for dinnertime. All packed up easily for five days into a trusty Lo & Sons Catalina weekender–this khaki color is one of their newer options.

Of course, I packed a few extra things not pictured–a white button down, a second striped tee, and white and gray tees. Basic things that could be mixed around. You really don’t need much for Maine–it’s a pretty casual place. For a fall trip, I’d stick with a similar plan and color palette but add a few sweaters and swap the espadrilles for a pair of ankle boots.

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