Elsie Joan

After nine months of dreaming, planning and preparing for our daughter’s arrival, we are pinching ourselves about our all-new life with a little one! We named her Elsie Joan, and she made her debut on September 27, a week earlier than her expected October arrival. The two weeks that have passed since then have been a total blur in time, forcing us to slow down and connect only with what really matters–her. I’ve been taking a much-needed, unannounced break from blogging, in addition to my day job, emails, social media, errands, and pretty much anything that falls outside of our home’s walls, to adjust to motherhood. Sleepless days, feeding challenges, diaper blowouts, and lots and lots of trial and error in soothing our tiny 6 lb. newborn have made these first few weeks beyond exhausting and overwhelming. At the same time it’s been an incredibly exhilarating adventure of pure love–from her big blue eyes staring up at us sweetly to seeing my husband in this new light as her adoring father–my love for them both grows stronger than I thought humanly possible each day. Some days my heart feels like it might explode. 

While I continue to savor this time turning off the outside world to focus on Elsie in these special newborn days, I wanted to quickly pop in to share our happy news and a few photos of our new family of three. I’m not sure how long my post-baby break from blogging will last, but I know I will undoubtedly be drawn back sooner than later as I pick up the pieces of where I left off prior to her arrival. I still have so much to share for those interested in my take on motherhood–my pregnancy essentials, Elsie’s nursery reveal, maternity photos, and more. And of course, as I get back in the kitchen, there will be recipes again…and as projects get completed around the house, an office makeover to share…and as I slip back into my pre-baby jeans, some simple style posts (in fact, today I fit into my favorite Rag & Bone pair–testament to having a dedicated pregnancy workout routine!). So thanks for hanging in there with me during this “quiet period” and for all the congratulations from readers far and wide… it means the world to me, and I hope you’ll check back in and plan to keep reading as I work this place and all my passions back into my new life as a mom!

Photography by Joe Craig

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  • Katie Jasinski

    She’s beautiful Lauren, congrats! And might I add, she’s got an awesome birthday (my son, Owen, has the same birthday and just turned 1!). Enjoy those newborn snuggles as long as you can, they don’t last forever! 😉

  • Melissa Marie

    She’s beautiful! You are glowing from the inside, out! Enjoy your time as a new mom and I look forward to your upcoming posts. Enjoy this well deserved break 🙂

  • Congrats. What a beautiful addition to your family. I cannot wait for more details, pictures and stories as she grows. Enjoy your time away!

  • Vera Ross

    Congrats to your new little family. It was wonderful to see the pictures and read your blog. Elsie is simply beautiful and was great to see pictures of you and John sharing her. You gave her a beautiful name. My best to the Craig family of three.

  • Deb Amundson

    Lauren and John, she’s beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy this time together.

  • So happy for you! She is precious. Take all the time you need and enjoy this special time, it goes by too fast! Can’t wait for your return 🙂

  • terry hanley

    Lauren and John, she is so precious. What a beautiful daughter you have. It was worth all that you two put into it, wasn’t it? You will have many, many happy memories and years ahead of you. Congrats, we love you THREE!!!!!

  • Heath – Southland Avenue

    Congratulations Lauren! She is precious. Hope you are enjoying your time with your sweet girl!

  • Dru Bell

    Beautiful pics and beautiful family…can’t get better than that. Enjoy and congratulations!

  • Kori Winum Kenkel

    Congrats Lauren!! She is beautiful!!

  • Leslie

    she is beautiful

  • La Torontoise

    Lauren, congratulations! Enjoy your bundle of happiness!

  • Giorgia F. Alice

    Congratulations! Elsie Joan is a wonderful name 🙂

  • Steph

    I have to say, there are a lot of ways to make new moms feel judged or bad about themselves, but it’s rare that a blogger would do this, and particularly impressive that she could do this in less than two paragraphs. In introducing your new daughter, I’m surprised that you would need to prioritize and advertise the fact that you’re wearing pre pregnancy jeans two weeks after giving birth. It’s not what stylish, conscientious motherhood is about. Moms feel enough pressure as it is, although I guess congratulations are in order for you, if you are looking for a pat on the back regarding your accomplishment.

  • Heather

    Congrats Lauren! Little Elsie is adorable! 🙂