Chakra Body Mist

Have you heard of chakras? Based on Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing tradition from India, there are seven energy points in different areas of the body — our chakras — that affect our health and well-being. Aveda has translated this concept into Chakra Balancing Body Mists. It’s fun to go online and choose the aroma that appeals to you most. Supposedly spraying it on helps invigorate the associated part of you.

Whether you believe in chakras or not, the aromas are light and uplifting, centering and calming, and a great alternative to perfume. I got Chakra 3 a while back after my yoga teacher passed it around before class, and now I find myself using it throughout the day — spraying it on after a morning shower or spritzing my pillow as I’m getting into bed, and I keep it at my desk for mid-day pick-me-ups.

Chakra 3 is the center of motivation, where we set intentions and desires. According to Aveda, when this power chakra is balanced, one achieves goals, is self-confident and has strong motivation and direction. When it’s imbalanced, you feel mental blocks, nervousness and impatience. The aroma is a combination of fir balsam, lavender and lemon, and I’m totally hooked. Now that I’m working from home, I like to spray it at my desk as I start each day…just a little ritual.

Have you tried these? Which one would you pick?

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  • Leslie

    I don’t know much about chakras, but after reading I think I need #1! I’m sure that even if you don’t believe in chakras, that the scents are amazing!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Agreed – the scents are great regardless! 🙂