Favorite Finds: Eames Style Desk Chair

A desk chair that is both good-looking and hard-working is hard to come by; there are many not-so-attractive office chairs on the market. And while a non-traditional desk chair is a tempting option and works perfectly well for casual home office use, it’s not so practical if you need to sit it in for hours every day. After looking high and low for a chair that would be durable and comfortable for daily use and fit my style, I unearthed this beauty. It’s inspired by the classic Eames Soft Pad Management chair, but affordably priced by Laura Davidson. White Italian leather, 5-star chrome base, swiveling, tilting, rolling, and all. Laura Davidson also manufacturers several other mid-century modern classic designs, and shipping is free and fast–just a little tip if you’re in the market for a desk chair!

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