48 Hours in Door County, Wisconsin

Our friends–both Wisconsin locals and fellow transplants–have raved about Door County for years but for some reason or another we never made the trip happen. This summer we decided not to let another year go by without making the four-hour drive from Madison and planned a long weekend getaway. We were pleasantly surprised at what we found: A stunning peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan that bears a striking resemblance to the coast of Maine and even to Cape Cod. Dramatic shorelines, thick forests, sandy beaches, and farmland unite. Charming towns follow the Green Bay coastline, where there are plenty of restaurants, galleries, wineries, lighthouses and state parks to explore. We visited in between cherry and apple-picking seasons, but still made it home with some cherry pie in our bellies, the sweet end to a traditional Friday fish boil. Our 48 hours in Door County left such an impression that we’ve already decided we’ll go back every year for more. Click through to see some photos from our trip, and pop over to my Door County guide for tips on where to stay and eat, and what to see and do!

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  • Meghan

    Love all the photos! Elsie’s swimsuit is precious and I’m glad your husband is representing the greatest baseball team in the world. Thanks for sharing.