Navy Blue Dining Room

We’ve lived in our first house almost five years, and it’s still a work in progress. But it is getting there! With most of the rooms in our home, I’ve either changed paint colors or moved furniture around or slowly added art over time. But the one room that has been a steady constant, an anchor in a house that’s otherwise been an experimentation with interior design, is the dining room. Almost immediately after moving in, I painted the room navy, long before it started becoming more popular (for good reason — it’s stunning!) in dining rooms. It was a risk, since I’d never seen such a dark room in anyone’s home I knew, but it’s one of a few decisions I haven’t wanted to change in our home over time! In fact, I’ve liked the moody, sophisticated vibe of the color so much that we pulled out the old paint can and coated our half bath in the same color last year.

The giant butterfly prints were the very first pieces of art I ever purchased, and they can be credited for instigating a love for simple, bold art…many of our subsequent art purchases have also been large and colorful. Anyway, over time I’ve been asked by friends about the paint color, the prints, even my source for the chairs, so I thought I’d share the details on how to get the look!

Butterfly Prints: Hagedornhagen
Ghost Chairs: DWR (high) or Amazon (low)
Black Farmhouse Table: Pottery Barn
Vintage Soda Siphons: from Argentina, try Etsy
Wall Paint Color: Ralph Lauren Artist Grey

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