Toy Storage Solution

I’ll admit: Before becoming a parent, I used to cringe a little when I’d see children’s toys invading living spaces. Logically I knew it was the reality of having kids (they like to play!), but my everything-in-its-place design sense couldn’t reconcile the kid clutter. But as the years went by, I started to notice a rise in decorative baskets and many friends starting to employ smart storage solutions to hide–or at least corral–the kid stuff. Super simple but effective. Done and done.

I fell in love with this set of Serena Lily round belly baskets when I was pregnant with Elsie last summer, and they have become such a valuable organization tool. I love the color blocking–natural seagrass on top, pliable white plastic on bottom–and that they are both low and open. I initially used the little one for Elsie’s newborn laundry when it was so teeny, until we started to have more laundry to fill her big hamper. Now we use one basket in the “toy corner” of her bedroom and the larger one downstairs in the living room. While a lidded version might be good for later on, I love that right now she can just crawl over and pull things out on her own. I’ve tried to be thoughtful with our toy purchasing and identify pieces she can play with for a long time, and so far that’s helped me stay within the boundaries of the baskets (for now anyway!) since we don’t have a playroom space. I just tuck the baskets into corners, but can easily move them out of sight into a closet if needed.

Any other toy storage solutions or toy buying advice for this new mom? I’d love to hear!

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  • Lia

    I’m expecting so I don’t have any advice, but I was wondering if you could share where you found the white leaning bookcase? Also, how does Elsie like that particular activity gym? Trying to decide between something wooden like yours, or one of the Skip Hop activity gyms (they look great for baby but are just so ugly!). Thank you!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Hi Lia, the bookcase is old from Crate & Barrel, but it looks like they have an updated version! (see here: We actually have three of them, the other two are on the wall opposite her crib. They are great for storage, books, toys, etc.

    On the activity gym, I’m not a fan of big plastic, ugly toys so was really drawn to this wooden one, which was a gift from our registry. Elsie liked it ok, but I have to admit that she liked the traditional colorful (eye sore!) play mat at daycare better! So much so we bought the same one (by Gymini: and had it in our living room until she started crawling. You’ll use it a lot, but good news is it’s for a limited time 🙂 The problem with the Plan activity gym and other wood ones I’ve seen is the toys are too high up, and honestly they aren’t visually stimulating enough for newborns. As much as it pains us mamas, the Skip Hop and Gymini ones are great for tummy time / back time because they can bat at and pull on all the crazy thingamabobs. Hope that helps!