Zoe Organics

I discovered a little brand called Zoe Organics last year while I was pregnant with Elsie. I was searching for two things: A belly oil to keep stretch marks at bay and an organic bug spray I could take on our trip to Mexico to keep the mosquitoes away. Particularly for the bug spray, I wanted to find a formulation that I would feel safe using while pregnant. I became an instant fan of Zoe Organics’ Insect Repellent, which contains essential oils like geranium, peppermint, and rosemary, and is even safe for little ones. This bug spray actually smells good! The belly oil also became one of my pregnancy must-haves; I used it every night.

After that, I was pretty much sold on the brand. Their products are natural and perform and are soothing for the whole family—I’ve loved trying additional products from the line as I have transitioned from pregnancy to new motherhood. The Nipple Balm? A total life saver in those early weeks of nursing. The Refresh Oil? A perfect pick-me-up when dabbed on pulse points. The Breathe Balm? A safe aromatherapy blend for a congested baby (after 3 months). The fresh and simple packaging is an added bonus.

Have you tried Zoe Organics? If not, you can order on their site, plus several of the products are now available in Target’s new prenatal/postpartum section!

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