New Mama Care Package

Since becoming a mom, there’s a whole new joy in putting together gifts for expecting girlfriends. I admittedly wasn’t very good about this before–like most, I usually bought off a registry for baby showers and called it a day. That method, of course, has its own merits as you fulfill a need on the parents-to-be’s long list. But now that I have some experience under my own belt, I love sharing both personal recommendations with friends and putting together special care packages of some of my own favorite things for new moms. It’s fun to get to be a little more thoughtful and creative based on the friend. Hanna Andersson pajamas are one of my absolute favorites to give; they’re such great quality and come in a full range of sizes and fun, colorful patterns. We’ve gifted quite a few of them to friends this year. Do you have any go-to gifts for babies? And don’t forget mom: I like to send a little something for her too (like a candle or book).

Here are a few of our favorite things that I recently packaged up and sent off to a friend:

*Little Foodie cookbook, my bible for delicious homemade baby and toddler food
*Pout Pout Fish book, one of Elsie’s favorites
*Tatine Celebration Day candle
*Hanna Andersson baby sleeper, our favorite sleepwear for nighttime
*Zoe Organics products, love the nipple balm and refresh oil (for mom) and breathe balm (for babies 6 months+ when congested)
*Angel Dear giraffe lovey

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  • Allison Critchlow-Paisley

    So, someone was asking me my favorite blogs the other day at work and I pulled up your page and I saw this post. Made me smile, thank you so much again!