Tiny Outfits

Who knew that putting together tiny outfits would be so fun? Before Elsie arrived, and even while she was still a baby, I didn’t realize the joy I would get out of dressing a little person–especially one who is walking. Now she can wear shoes! And she likes when I put them on, and more importantly, she keeps them on (she wore socks only for the whole first year). It’s been a blast to explore the kids sections of stores and catalogues and put together a mini-sized wardrobe for fall/winter. I gravitate toward “casual-hip” wear for E, versus more traditional girly options, but I do like to throw a few sweet patterns into the mix.

For her current size (12-18 months), I made a conscious effort to create a mix-and-match wardrobe. Every item is within a color palette of blueberry, navy, gray, rust, cranberry, raspberry, and cream, which means we can pretty much pick up any top and any legging and they’ll go together. I love that this makes it not only easy on us but it also allows room for creativity–there are so many different combinations. Throw in a few irresistibly cute shoes and cold-weather hats, and our mini has quite the stylish closet. (I need to step up my own game.) Elsie just needs some winter boots before the snow hits us this weekend!

Click through the images to check out some of our favorite outfits this fall, and see links below for everything pictured.


3 onesies: Tea Collection in stripe, stripe and solid
5 leggings: Tea Collection (navy, gray, blue) and Old Navy (cranberry, raspberry – we also have steel gray and black)
3 shoes: Gap mocassin boots and mary jane sneakers, Old Navy fox loafer
6 tees: Old Navy waffle tees (periwinkle, gray floral, navy polka dot), stripe and baseball (similar), H&M polka dot (similar)
1 shirt: Old Navy denim shirt
2 sweaters: Old Navy (similar) and Target
1 layering tunic: Tea Collection
2 hats: Zara and Target (last year)
Not pictured: Zara puffer jacket and Old Navy fleece

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  • Meghan

    So adorable! I love the mix and match.

  • Grace

    Would love to see a post of your “must-haves” for baby registry items! Always helpful for a first-time Mom like myself! 🙂