Squash Blossom & Heirloom Tomato Salad

I’ve been curious about the squash blossoms I’ve seen at the farmers market, and Monday night I got my answer on what they’re all about. Very lightly battered, stuffed with Oaxacan mozzarella, and served on a stack of sweet heirloom tomatoes (with chili oil and basil vinaigrette for swirling each bite)–pure heaven. Graze’s seasonal appetizer was probably one of the freshest, prettiest and most delicious things I’ve ever ordered.

I’m not entirely convinced I can execute their perfect plating, but I loved the flavors so much I will definitely be attempting to recreate this late-summer dish. I found this recipe for stuffed squash blossoms and think I’ll just make some substitutions and go from there. Anyone else ever eat something so good at a favorite restaurant that you’ve tried to make it at home?

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