Organizing Jewelry & Accessories

Despite a prized collection of jewelry, belts, and clutches, I’ve been seriously slacking in the organization of them all. As in, up until this past weekend, I had bracelets, necklaces, and earrings stuffed into a random assortment of tiny bowls and boxes. All my belts were jammed into one large plastic box and clutches were shoved into another. When I pulled something out, it didn’t always make it back to the right spot. Things were really out of control. The only saving grace was that my mess was confined to two shelves in a linen closet in our bathroom, and I could just close the door. But I finally had enough and set out to create a good-looking, functional way to store everything. I was honestly at a bit of a loss as to how to organize the chaos. But an hour wandering around Target and a few lightbulb moments solved my conundrum, albeit with some unconventional storage techniques.

With my belts previously tucked away out of sight in a box, I often would forget what a great accessory they are for cinching the waist. Three stainless paper towel holders solved that problem. I stacked my skinny belts on one, thicker casual belts on another, and my collection of fun and fancy vintage belts on a third. I just love seeing them all on display now!

I filed my clutches into clear magazine holders. Now they’re easier to see and grab on the way out the door. Bracelets and necklaces are now separated into shallow, acrylic trays with compartments. There’s no forgetting what’s at the bottom of any bowl or box. For more delicate necklaces, I hung Command picture-hanging hooks above the shelf. Really the easiest hook solution ever, since they’re self-adhesive and damage free. Rings and a few frequently-worn pieces are displayed in pretty bowls, and earrings are nestled into a ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie.

Now that everything is so clearly displayed (pretty and practical!), I’m feeling inspired to use this as a station for accessorizing outfits every morning. I also plan to continue to edit my collection as I find myself not wearing certain pieces. How do you guys organize your jewelry and accessories and keep it all under control?

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  • Great idea. I reorganised my purses yesterday but this would be good for my clutches

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Thanks! The clear magazine holders really keep your clutches visible and from taking up too much space.

  • Dani Chavero

    Love your ideas on how to organize accessories in a way that serves a bit more as decor rather than storage. I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to accessories, so you can only imagine the huge mess that can come from such small items. I’ll definitely be giving this idea a shot!