The Gift Guide

Plate: Candinas Chocolates ($23.80)
Closet: Eberjey PJs ($97)
Home: Fort Standard x Of a Kind Bottle Opener ($44)
Passport: Truffle Pouches ($22-38)

With exactly a month to go until Christmas Day, it’s time to get shopping for gifts to give. There are so many gift guides out there filled with dozens upon dozens of ideas, so I’m taking the opposite route and keeping it simple, presenting just the ultimate four. I’ve gathered my most favorite things for plate, closet, home, and passport — the items I can’t get enough of myself and think would make perfect gifts for just about anyone. Who doesn’t like handcrafted chocolates in a pretty box? (I gift these all year round.) And pajamas are a quintessential holiday present, so why not gift a pair that’s cozy and chic? (I just gushed about this perfect pair last week.) Or how about a limited-edition, brass bottle opener that’s so well-designed you can leave it out on display, and never have to dig through drawers again? (I’ve been coveting this one from Of a Kind for months.) Then last, there’s the traveler’s organization hero–see-through pouches to keep everything in order when you’re away. (A travel must-have in my book.) Click through the images above, and hopefully check a few gifts off your list without getting overwhelmed!

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  • kristina

    I discovered your blog a few months back and I’m so happy I did. It’s such a breathe of fresh air and I really enjoy all the thoughtful (and beautiful!) content you share with us. I’m taking a much more laid back approach to the holidays this year and I so appreciate this slimmed-down gift guide. Thanks for the tips!

  • alma

    i love the truffle pouches, i recently purchased the Grand Clarity and i hope to get the Petite next 🙂 which size is your favorite?

  • PerpetuallyChic

    How sweet of you to say, Kristina! So happy to have you as a reader, & glad to hear you’re enjoying my pared-down approach to style, gift guide and otherwise!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    The Petite is definitely my favorite, since it’s TSA-approved for your carry-on! I also like my No. 1 Clarity, which is really versatile for odds and ends.