3 Steps to Simple Skincare

After years of regularly sampling new beauty products and switching up my skincare regimen on a whim, I slowly started to want something more. Better, cleaner products with ingredients I could understand. Less products for a quick-yet-effective routine I could count on every day. Especially as a new and working mom, I immediately found myself with only a few minutes to get ready each morning before running out the door. So I simplified my skincare strategy. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution since we all have different skin, but these 3 steps helped me get back to basics, identify products I truly need (and truly love), and keep my skin in the best condition.


There’s a beauty product for everything. Hone in on the problems you actually have. My main concern? Dry skin. So I sought out the best products to keep my skin moisturized and glowing, and I eliminated other products focused on pores, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. taking up unnecessary space on my bathroom counter.


Because my skin leans toward dry, I don’t need to wash it twice a day. So I wash my face only at night, and in the morning I swipe on an alcohol-free toner for a fresh base before applying moisturizer and a quick bit of makeup. I also love the idea of serums and know many people swear by them, but for now I have been skipping that step — until someone convinces me otherwise!


At night, I have four steps: Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and apply eye cream. I currently use four products: Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera and Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser, Repairative Moisturizer, and Restorative Eye Cream. In the morning, I apply toner with a cotton ball, reapply moisturizer and eye cream, and then makeup.

These days I am in and out of the bathroom in minutes, my countertop is less cluttered, and I know I’m achieving clean, fresh, and hydrated skin in a flash. Feels good!

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  • Ellie Cutler

    I love the Concentrated Brightening Serum from Tata Harper! It adds a little bit of extra moisture, and it does give me a bit more of a glow! Love all of her products!

  • Jennifer

    I use the exact three Tata Harper products and found that they’re the only thing that kept my skin clear after having a baby last year. I added the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum…normally I never go for that stuff but I had a sample, tried it, and I swear it makes my skin look like it’s glowing the next morning even if I’ve been up for half the night with my son.

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Couldn’t agree more–that Tata Harper trio is a game changer for postpartum skin! I’ll have to look into the EL serum, the promise of glowing skin after being up at night with baby is a huge selling factor 🙂

  • PerpetuallyChic

    More moisture and more glow – I’ll take it! Thanks for sharing…will have to look into the TH serum too!

  • Tata Harper is one of my favorite skin care lines! Such great products and then their beautiful scent. I have never seen that toner before, I will have to look into it!
    xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m just wondering about sunscreen- any recommendations?

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Hey Elizabeth, I’m a big fan of Coola sunscreen. It’s plant-based, lightweight and non-greasy. Moisturizing, too. I use this one: http://bit.ly/1I3dcuY

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Yes, the scent of TH products is so luxurious! The toner smells good too 🙂