Favorite Finds: Everyday Jewelry

Necklace | Cuff | Earrings

For about a year now, I’ve been wearing the same three pieces of jewelry (besides my wedding rings) on a near-daily basis. While I’ve very intentionally simplified my wardrobe, my skincare, my makeup, and plenty of other things around our home, reducing my jewelry wearing was totally unintentional at first but then came so naturally–especially once baby arrived! I first wore my Jennifer Zeuner necklace and Gorjana cuff at my baby shower last August, then added the Catbird earrings a few months later. Some days I wear just one piece, other days all three, but because they are so delicate and dainty, they never ever feel like too much. These are the kind of everyday jewelry pieces you’ll forget to take off. They add just the right bit of polish to casual outfits, and just the right touch to more dressed-up looks. Sadly this particular necklace has since sold out, but I really love this one and this one would be another good option.

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