A Family-Friendly Home Office

Confession: I love decorating, the whole process of it. From gathering inspiration, to hunting down pieces that feel just-right, to collecting travel mementos and art that infuse a space with special details. But…I’m also super indecisive and slow at getting home projects checked off my to-do list, which means rooms always take way longer to complete than expected. Case in point: our home office. To be fair, we technically finished the room last year, but messy paper piles (yeah, we all have them) quickly built up, we had a baby, priorities shifted, and this year we’ve been so busy just using the space that it never looks photo ready. But I’m excited to finally share how it all came together! Click through the photos to tour the inside, and I’ll share a bit more about the details below.


It really all started with a rug we bought during a trip to Istanbul. We had wanted to fix up our office for some time and had a few inspiration points, but the rug was the first purchase we made. We knew we wanted the space to be multifunctional, with both a workspace and seating, and bookshelves across the back wall for display/storage. We bought the most-beautiful textiles, also at the Grand Bazaar, and decided to have pillows made to add a pop of color to either a settee or set of chairs. That’s how we got started.


Simple, modern furniture choices, a fresh coat of white paint, and colorful accessories then transformed the space into a sophisticated but family-friendly office. We decided to invest in a few key furnishings, like the bookshelves and desk, that would stand the test of time (both from a durability and likeability standpoint). To make thoughtful choices on such big purchases, we ask ourselves, “Will we like it in 10 years? Will it work in a different room in a different house?” We then scored the perfect vintage chairs with a modern feel, and we had those reupholstered from a dated, burnt orange to a luxe, oatmeal fabric. And last but not least, we selected a large-scale, vintage piece of art to anchor the room.


I love how bright and happy the space turned out, especially since I now work in it every day! The white and neutral base of the room created a perfect backdrop for introducing color and pattern, making the space really come to life. It’s both modern and colorful, but color can always be added or subtracted. And it’s become a comfortable place for the whole family–where I can work, John and I can catch up on the day, and Elsie can play.

A few fun ideas + sources!

  • Double-sided pillows: Because we purchased fabrics in complementary colors and patterns, we decided to have the pillows made with dual sides instead of backed in a solid color. The pillows can be flipped, creating a fun way to change things up to fit the mood.
  • Art ledge: The picture ledge above the desk provides a space for easy rotation of art, photos, and inspiration. Right now I’m displaying Elsie’s first art project from school, her footprints from the hospital, some art we picked up on travels, and some simplistic style inspiration.
  • Baskets for storage: You know I’m a huge fan of using baskets for storage around the house! The office is no exception. I like natural-colored, seagrass baskets and use them to corral desk accessories and product samples, and even hide computer cords and routers.


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  • Meghan

    Love the styling of the bookshelves!

  • What a bright and cheerful space! I love the built ins and all the accents you included: the rug, the pillows and the sea grass baskets. So warm and inviting!

    Taffeta & Tulips

  • PerpetuallyChic

    Thanks, Kate!!